Mr. Casey Jay Coker


Mr. Casey Jay Coker - Founder & Co-President

Casey is originally from Southern California where his passion for cars started at a young age when he began attending the first ‘Cars n Coffee’ events in Orange County. He has taken auto-mechanic courses in his early years which helped him with learning how to tune and race his cars at Buttonwillow Raceway on weekends with friends. His passion for vehicles and everything automotive has continued to grow. He has owned over 15 vehicles, and since moving to UAE in 2009 he has Purchased his Quattroporte Sport GTS in 2012. Casey has worked for ADNOC previously and occasionally consults for the Oil industry in addition to owning several companies in UAE. He often spends his leisure time with hobbies such as fishing, motorcycling, and searching for the perfect project car to restore. “I’m thinking of something along the line of a classic, something carbureted would be nice.”